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Handcrafted Jewelry Designer Based in Istanbul

I am Yunus. Founder of Jin Design. 

It is not a coincidence that my name is Yunus. Yunus in Turkish means dolphin. Like them, I'm also fond of the open sea. That's why without doubt, I knew I had to swim alone. I knew I really had to commit. And it was worth it.


My approach, which seems as simple at first but wholistic when one goes deeper, is the proof that I am boundlessly inspired from the land I was born in. The traces of your alluring past and the stimulants of the multiple civilizations are transfusing me to design and create. From my point of view, design is all about the perception of life itself harmonically and within this scope it should present the perfect mixture of simple and joyous details. 


I'm more than ready to meet you in the light of the things I mentioned, my friends. Looking forward to feel you there with me. Arms wide open, always...​​

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